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My son just called from school to tell me that President Clinton is addressing the students-- I'm not sure if it's Channel 1 or national TV. My son doesn't think it's a big deal. How do you explain to him that he really is not as invincible as he thinks he is? How do you tell a 17 year old that stuff like this can't be ignored and has to be talked about and addressed?

I know this isn't answering the question you posed (rhetorical?), but all I can say is, really, if something of that magnitude happened at the high school I went to, I'd never be able to set foot in that building again. Ever. Period. Even if I had to go to night-school and settle for a G.E.D. certificate. I mean my God, I graduated high school less than 15 years ago, and the WORST thing I and my classmates EVER "worried" about was maybe a food-fight breaking out in the cafeteria, or one of the class clowns showing up late to homeroom with beer still on his breath.... but not a bloodbath in the school library. Not the prospect of mass murder.

sigh... I get jittery and moody every time I think about it. Doesn't matter that I'm grown-up now, with no kids, and live in Georgia, not Colorado. Somehow it really hits *so* close to home... I mean, I just can't even imagine having to deal with this kind of thing, like you're lucky just to be alive and have all your limbs intact at the end of those four years, let alone graduate on time. I try to imagine that, but trying to imagine it just brings me to tears, so I've stopped trying for the moment.

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