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College help???? Are there any websites that could possibly help me narrow down a college major(career wise)?

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I am in the process of finishing my general education units for college and my counselor recently suggested I choose a major soon. I have so many ideas of what I want to do with my life, what my strengths are and all that but the problem is that I have, what my counselor calls TOO MANY OPTIONS! I know I shouldn't be complaining because there are people out there that would love to have these options open to them. To be honest I know I'm blessed and quite thankful, I just don't know exactly what major to choose. I would love to work with children, but not necessarily in a school, more like build a school in a third world country. I dunno stuff like that. But then again I also think more locally like just accouting cuz I'm great at math and well accounting seemed more of a logical choice when I first graduated high school. But now it's college and I'm running out of time to choose a major.

I'd suggest that you seriously consider an MBA.

I beleive it yields a more solid,yet flexible career foundation.

Whether your field is Music,Art,Health Science,Education,HiTech,Finan... name it,,, MBA qualifies you for the BUSINESS of Art,Health,Education,Finance,,...

It's a matter of "Doing the WORK" vs "Running the Company",,, it helps peel back the ceiling on Future Opportunity.

Pretty well established by now that a substantial percentage of folks will undergo at least 1~2 Carreer Changes in their lifetime. And not necessarily by Choice.

That puts a person back to square 1 in many instances. Starting at Bottom or Middle. Or Worse,,,trying to aquire an entire new skill set,,and the requisite education certs.

But at the Boardroom level,,,Business is Business. If You ever find yourself Out of a job,,Out of a Carreer,,,out of an INDUSTRY,,,, and have to go "Flip Burgers" to pay the bills... You can START at Jack-in-the-Box as a District Mgr w/ a MBA.

Continuing Education thru the future seems to pretty much be established as a trend these days.

Lots that You may find yourself pursuing in the Future,,may not necessarily be something that Builds upon previous achievements.

But a Biz Degree is Fundamental,,it's Foundational. ANYTHING,,EVERYTHING,,,it all boils down to Business.

Your life,future,carreer path can go off on Any tangent. Whatever you might find yourself interested in or involved in, It 's underlying pursuit WILL be,,,Business.

MBA qualifies you to participate at some level in ANYTHING. I cannot think of a better basis to build a future upon.

It encompasses ALL Your options,,,and all the Possibilities,,including the unkown. Doesn't lock you Out of anything. It will keep all your options Open Forever,,so to speak.

Not much else can offer that sort of potential.

Just my opinion,,something to think about.

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