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College/Career/Major question?

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can anyone give me any suggestions on majors i can take in college so that it can benefit the career of my choosing?and btw,can anyone give me any suggestions for a good career too??because i have no idea on what i want to be and im completely lost concerning my future and i dont know what i like to do and what im interested in either.ive tried this strategy and it doesnt help.and my guidance counselor is useless to me.i just want something high/medium pay that i can survive off of,and not want to die when i have to wake up and go to the job

The first thing that I need to ask is what grade you're in? Because, although it never hurts to think about what you want to do, you really don't HAVE to until you're in High School. The second thing is something that you need to ask yourself. Just ask, "What do I like to do? What am I good at? What do I have the highest grades in?" Take those things and find a career that kind of wraps them up. If you can think of something you'd be interested on your own, talk to a counselor and ask them what kind of majors can go towards that career. If you're still having trouble coming up with something, go to this website:

It's the website that the people in my school use once per year. If you don't want to make an account, use this log in information:

Username: romeohs Password: bulldogs

Don't worry about privacy or anything. This is the username and password that everyone in my school receives to log in to the website. Despite this, no one can see your information, nor will you be able to see anything else.

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