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What career or college major fits me?

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I'm about to be a college junior this fall and still undecided about what to major in. I tried different kinds of career interest test and even went to my school's career counselor and that entire still didn't help. I took all the general classes and some classes for some majors I was considering but those weren't anything I was interesting in. I enjoyed my sociology, history, French, and political science classes. My hobbies are traveling, reading, playing games on the computer, helping people with their problems, listening to music, watching TV(court TV, history channel, and discovery channel), and taking pictures.

None of your interests or hobbies are related to your actual schooling. In being upfront with everyone I come in contact with I must tellyou that you need to get out of the house. You obviously like to communicate whether by computer or vocally, I think that you should consider a position that allows you to do both. Customer service positions are plentiful and can pay o.k. money while you finish school. As for your major if you are not considering politics as a career get our of the political science venue and over to something else. I know of several people that graduated with PS degrees and now they work for EDD as case workers making around 50k after five years. You can also learn how to recruit which is a good way to make a lot of money dealing with people, helping them get new jobs and using the computer a lot.

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