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My mom doesn't want me to go to a career center.

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In our school district we have an alternative school called Eastland-Fairfield Career Center. They have different programs specially designed depending on the field you want to go into in college or for a career (they have school-to-college and school-to-work programs). I really want to go for culinary arts (cooking) but she wants me to stay at my regular high school so I can take advanced placement (AP) courses like my brother did in high school. I don't want to take AP courses. I just want to be a chef! At the career center, they have advanced courses, which I was planning on taking anyway. Can anyone give me advice to help win my mom over?

all parents r like that but if u can show em that u really only want 2 do this and nothin else then theyll support u; u can try by makin them somethin really delicious and say that this is wat ur really good at and want 2 pursue a career in....that should work

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