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What career should i go for I have my GED and want to go to college for something that i like .

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Well here are all the things that interest me. I am very interested in the supernatural like ghosts, ufo and the paranormal . i also like egyptian history anything to do with egypt. i also like anything to do with discovering about the past, anything weird and mysterious, but i love all animals and children. i would also love to win alot of money and someday be a famous buisness women i would have chose to be a lawyer , but i think that i will love too be able to be more Adventurous and alot of attorneys i know just are really boring people. i like the whole office working thing! but my passion is the paranormal and discovering mysteries. i have a baby so i would somewhat like to live a normal life but im so confused of what i want to do . i really dont know what to go to school for. i dont want to waste time going to school for something that i will get board of easilly and not find it fun and interesting i also love the ocean but im terrified of seaweed! So tell me what should i be?

first get into a good school, the GED thing might rule out some prospects

then talk with some teachers, you will have to take some classes you will very likely find boring

you have a baby so maybe only do 2 classes at a time, or even one

some classes you might see listed:

Egyptian History Childhood Education Animal Behavior ( I took one in that) Business Ethics

You might find others that you like

Always learn all the Math you deal with, it helps later

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