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Is my basketball career the thing i love and would die for over?

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im 5''11 right now i havent grown in about 2 years and from what i hear in order to play college ball you have to be really tall like an average sized shooting guard is 6'5 and a big man is 6'7. i know im tall enough to play point guard but see the thing is is that i wont be able to play point guard next season. im better at shooting and driving to the basket than dribbling and i won defensive player of the year. therefore i know that coaches overlook pepole who arent that tall so is my carreer over?

No don't worry your career is far from over.... Height does matter in the NCAA & NBA but its the skills that matter more. A Coach doen't have to play u at point, if he sees u have a nice jumper then he'll play you at the 2 (Shooting) Gaurd position. Plus you have a nice advantage to your game, your a good defender. Thats what all teeams are looking for in a young player..

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