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I am very confused about my college career plan! pls read the info and help me with your honest answer.

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i am very confused on whether i should go to a 2 0r 4 year college for my nursing career. i don't know whether spending all those time at 4 year is worth it for a nursing carrer or just go to a 2year. going to 2 year does it necessary mean that you can finish it within 2 year? what did you think about this? my family is divided and so are my?.although i have already been accepted at 4 year but i guess i can still change my mind. pls offer your ideas.thanks if 2 year the best option?

if you have a choice, you should definitely go to nursing school for 4 years. You will be able to be a different kind of nurse if you have a 4 year degree instead of a 2 year degree. The schooling is very different in a 2 yr program and a 4 yr program. When you are done with the 4 yr progam you will be able to get nursing jobs that pay subsantially more money than the jobs that you would be qualified for with only a 2 yr degree. In the 2 yr program, you are not just working harder and finishing the same amount of education as you will be if you go to school for 4 years. You will be a different kind of nurse if you have 4 years of school. You will be more qualified and have more skills and be paid more. congratulations on being accepted into a 4 year program and please take this opportunity to become as educated in nursing as you can!

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