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What career would combine these two majors?

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I'm working toward a bachelor's degree in chemistry and English, and I was wondering if there was any way I could combine the two majors in a way I'd actually enjoy.

Truth be told, I'd love to just get a Ph.D. in English literature, but that seems to be the least practical thing I could possibly do...I need to get a job eventually, after all.

I don't think I'd make a good journalist, and technical writing bores me. Some areas of anthropology would be relevant to my coursework so far, but, again, I doubt the chances of getting a job in that field are very good.

Is there another field that combines my majors that is actually practical to get into? I've already been to my college career center, who basically just gave me the same info as above.

There are all sorts of professional journals for chemists and all the other sciences. The sad fact is that most scientists don't write very clearly (a little odd since the think very clearly indeed). Most of those research journal articles need a good editor. The editor would have to understand all the science though in order to not screw up the meaning. This is where you could fit in.

What I was originally going to say was to get an education in something that somebody is willing to pay you to do. Being poor sucks. Chemists and chemical engineers are very highly paid. CEs are the highest paid Bachelor's degrees. A research chemist would require a Ph.D. Let your interest in literature be a lifelong hobby.

Bachelors in English are either office flunkies or unemployed. A Ph.D. has an academic future, but they're one of the lowest paid faculties in a university.

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