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Clover Park Technical College

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Got a hell of a surprise when I played KISW on the radio this morning--no Twisted Radio! Instead of the show I'd enjoyed for 11 years, they had some bunch of Californians who were broadcasting from Sacramento. KISW's web site had an explanation of the change, saying the Twisted Radio team had abruptly quit to go elsewhere (see link).

Now this is awfully damned sudden, and I would have thought Bob, Spike and Joe would have said something to their fans before they left. Instead, we got three weeks of recorded re-runs and then these new imports. Has anyone heard what really happened? Had the ratings been going down, or did they really leave on their own?

As for the new guys, well, I was pretty pissed off when the Twisted Radio bunch replaced my old KISW favorites 11 years ago. I guess I'll give these guys a chance, although I wish they'd found someone local. The news guys will be broadcasting from Seattle starting next week, I think.

A few years back, Bates Technical College in Tacoma (or was it Clover Park?) didn't have a broadcasting program, so KGRG was broadcast over their transmitter. After a couple years, a new teacher came in and restarted the program, so KGRG got bumped. I think the college transmits top 40 crap now. What a waste of bandwidth. KGRG was/is a great station. I especially enjoyed all the new, weird stuff they played that you wouldn't even hear on the END, not for a while, anyway.

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