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Mr. Limbaugh must still be on the OxyContin. In fact, I take his bizarre comments personally. Not only did my daughter . . . recently attend and graduate from ETHS (and then the University of Wisconsin, Madison), but also within the last 3 years, received her Master's in Education -- and now teaches U.S. history! -- to sophomores at Chicago Vocational High School, [a choice she made] . . . largely because of her ETHS experiences & its curriculum. And, as always, Rush's research is nonexistent. Many ETHS students live in Skokie, whose parents and grandparents were directly harmed by one Adolf Hitler. Perhaps Rush never heard about that little historical incident called the Holocaust, and how to this day it deeply affects the Evanston/ Skokie community?

Polls show that American public schools are failing to teach students basic facts about American history. I wouldn't trust any alleged secondary quotes by Limbaugh in the news media, or by public school educators, most of whom get vdegrees from liberal, biased Departments of Education at liberal universities.

By the way, George Washington never said anything about the Treaty of Tripoli; the quote below is a questionable quote from the alleged first Treaty of Tripoli that does not appear in the final Treaty of Tripoli ratified by Congress years after this quote was alleged to have been made (see David Barton's well researched article on the treaties available on the Internet). In fact, a recent book by two history professors, "A Patriot's History of the United States" (Sentinel/Penguin Books, 2004), shows that the United States was indeed founded as a Christian nation. It also points out that elected officials are required by the Constitution to take an oath or affirmation before God, even though no religious test is required (by the way, an oath or affirmation before God is stronger than a religious test because a religious test does not legally affirm a belief and a commitment, but an oath or affimration does).

Perhaps public school education has improved since my day, but, after doing extensive reading in history through independent study in graduate school and post graduate school, I find that the history taught in the public schools I attended, including my college preparatory classes in high school, taught me little of what I truly needed to know. Thus, it is doubtful that the average student of ETHS is really well-versed in American history, whatever Mr. Limbaugh is alleged to have said.

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