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Chicago Vocational

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Daley's constituency is made up not of pilots, but of people that want handouts, and people for whom his "machine" does favors. Pilots in Chicago have no say because for every one of us, there are 25,000 of them. And whenever its convenient, Daley plays the "class warfare" game like a good Democrat does, taking full advantage of the very ignorant in order to stay in power. That's the "Chicago" way and one reason why this place has its reputation.

In the city itself, you mean for every Chicagoan who is a pilot there are 250,000 non-pilot citizens?

Besides the betrayal of Meigs, does everyone know about the "Rape of CVS"? CVS is Chicago Vocational School. This was a public high school in the city where aviation was also taught. In WW2, the Navy provided aircraft for training.(As far as I've benn told, Dauntlesses, Devastators, Avengers, etc.) As late as 1974, the USAF supplied two T-33 aircraft for training. Since that time the aviation program went derilict and the hangers on the school property were left in disarray. Last summer, the last of the aircraft, parts and aviation tools were removed. All that is left are the large double bay wood-roofed hangers on school property. From the outside, you can see the two gantrys that the Navy installed in WW2 for engine removal and run-ups. No one in Chicago cared about this vocational training facility and let it completely run down. This includes Jesse, Richie and all their henchmen. Thus Chicago has lost one more aviation asset in a string of long losses.

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