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Central Georgia Technical College

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columbus is middle georgia? Interesting definition of "middle". On my map it's halfway between Tennessee and Florida. That looks like the middle to me.

it's minutes from the alabama border......"middle" ga implies central georgia, not in the middle of a state from either a northern/southern or eastern/western perspective. It has to be both.

When someone says "middle georgia", they're talking about macon, warner robins, perry, etc......if someone in columbus told another person in columbus they were in "middle ga", the person would think they're crazy.

If you were able to call any city that is sorta(I say sorta because columbus is about as far south as cordele, which is really southern georgia and not middle georgia) "middle" from both an east-west and north-south perspective "middle" ga, an incredibly large portion of georgia could be considered middle and the term would have no meaning. Hell Augusta is about as above the middle north as columbus is I'm guess Im now in "middle georgia" as well! Savannah is maybe 15 miles south of columbus, so throw them in with middle georgia as well!

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