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I just wonder what you'd think of to see English names of Japanese secondary schools that have courses for commerce/business studies.

In Japan, for instance, there is an association for those schools called

'The National Association of Commercial High Schools'. Some English- speaking friends of mine say that it sounds strange. They also add that

they should be called, like 'high schools of commerce/business'.

Would you advise me of your opinions, please?

I don't really think one sounds any stranger than the other. The concept is a bit strange to me: I am not sure it's so common to have a high school that specializes in commerce/business studies. I see nothing wrong with referring to such a high school as a "commercial high school", provided that there's enough of them that it makes sense to come up with a general term.

There's a well-known public high school in New York City that specializes in business studies: the Murray Bergtraum High School for Business Careers.

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