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Do career college degrees, not credits, transferable?

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Do career college degrees, not credits, transferable?Do career college degrees (like ITT Tech, Devry), not credits, transferable? Example, if I graduate with a four year degree, am I able to continue for a MBA at a university?

It is possible, but very difficult to move from those sorts of institutions to a traditional college/university. There is a simple truth when it comes to graduate education in America. In virtually every field and at virtually every university there are more qualified applicants than spots in programs. When it comes time to apply to the business school at ABC University they almost certainly will have a choice of applicants, and the sad fact is that your degree will probably carry less weight than someone from a state university or private liberal arts college. You also likely won't be able to be terribly selective when it comes time to pick a school. Harvard will not admit you, that's a given. Top 50 MBA programs won't admit you, that's a given as well. You might have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a school that will admit you. Sorry, that's just the way it is. That said, there are certainly things that you can do to improve you odds for admission. Real life experience in business counts for more in gaining an admit to an MBA program than any other field with which I am familiar. Thus, if you have business experience and proven leadership ability the school might be willing to overlook the name on your bachelor's degree.

All of that said, the above poster is correct. Contact the school, tell them who you are and your educational background, see what they say. I have seen more than my fair share of colleges and universities and I can tell you one thing, the people that do admissions almost always LOVE to talk to real people. They spend their lives looking at transcripts and essays that are virtually identical. They rejoice at the prospect of talking to an actual human being.

One last thing. If you are considering one of those schools and haven't started yet, I would seriously reconsider. You will spend more money on less education than you would elsewhere. If you want a technical education, that's fine. America's community colleges and technical colleges are really wonderful for that sort of thing and they always have a dearth of smart, talented, motivated students. And ITS CHEAP. Sometimes, ITS EVEN FREE! Free education, what could be better? Likewise, plenty of good universities offer that sort of education. Every state has a university with Tech or State in its name, both good signs that they offer technical education.

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