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College in America (and my mistakes)?

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College in America (and my mistakes)?

Let me first explain that I have a thing. If something doesn't challenge me intellectually, I get bored with it and move on. To me, highschool was dreadfully easy and mindless. Thus I hardly did my homework but passed the tests and quizes with ease.

Because of my not doing anything, I didn't have enough credits to graduate and am now staying back a semester.

However, I want to have a career in physics (a class that challenged me and thus: I passed) but I don't know how to get into colleges. Other than community colleges, how can I get accepted to them? I have no money at all to help and haven't even taken the ACT (which costs $100 to take). I KNOW I have made mistakes. How do I rectify them now?

Serious answers only please. Really. I know I am an idiot.

honestly the best people to ask would be your teachers, they will twll you about getting Financial Aid and Scholorships, plus if you cant get into the school you want right away try going to a community college for a year or 2 then they to get accepted to a better school once you have better grades and extra curricular activities and the such, but honestly ask your physics teacher to hep you... if your that passionate about physics ( as was i ) he / she will do everything they can to help you, especailly seeing how your trying to help yourself, taking the first step towards it is asking people for help...

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