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What would be a good IT career/degree/college for me?

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What would be a good IT career/degree/college for me? I live in iowa, and am at the age for college. I like business, and computers. so why not combine the two. I've taken a class in computer programming and know *some* java, however i didnt like it very much, and im not very good in math, however i'd still like to stay with computers, and found a degree at ISU called Managing information systems (MIS). does any1 know if that would work for me, or i should try something else. i'd like to stay in the IT field possibly, i like networking things, and taking things apart, and fixing computers (from the software/user interface aspect of it), however i cant program well. lol. and i like business, but dont want to get stuck in a boring job as an accountant, see what i mean? help a lost student out.

i have afriend who's in a similar's called business management information systems (BMIS) and i beleieve they might have the same's gonna start out with introductory classes but then combine technology, with a little business, some economics, and then lots of computer science BUT the comp. science is going to be more related to fulfilling professional duties such as in the network of an prosperous business or of a company.....having a minor in computer science can also help (if that minor is offered) ****Note: Having this minor can actually help you out in the major itself.....many of the classes you have for the minor are also required in your major you will already have them out of the way by the time you graduate and then you can take the rest of the minor courses which will strengthen your familiarity with computers and their innerworkings...

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