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California Board Of Vocational Nursing

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It has recently been brought to my attention that infact you do have a PT license in the state of California.

You used this license to make allegations about me, to have the police attend my residence by making false statements knowingly.

I have your license number, and the information from the California Board Of Vocational Nursing And Psychiatric Technicians.

With respects to P_LICENSE_NUMBER=9971&P_LTE_ID=817, you are in violation of professional misconduct according to The California Board of PT's at 2535 Capitol Oaks Dr., Suite 205 Sacramento, CA 95833 Telephone (916) 263-7822; FAX (916) 263-7855. (anyone who has been "councilled" by you on line, can access this info, to persue a complaint as well)

I have spoken with the PD in Madera with the number provided in another thread, and have asked a few questions, and I have every reason and was even encouraged to have you prosecuted, and make a formal complaint to the California Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians and ask your license be revoked and that you recieve proper disiplinary action. Your information was easily accessed on your public website, and I now have everything I need to follow through.

I suggest you take a look at some of the things you have written, Then make a formal retraction of the allegations you reported, and apologize to me openly.

If you continue to fight this, send your usual 500 irrelavant posts of protests or try to prove something, I will have no alternative but to report you. And I will to the Madera County PD, and to the Board for abuse of your license over a flame war in google groups, and for the misdemeanor and wasting the time of the police over false accusations.

Not only can I prove to the people in usenet that you called the police and alleged falsities using your license, but I can prove it to the proper authorities and take legal action, quite easily too.

Well if this is the case I will be receiving a letter notifying me of your complaint within three days from the date it was filed. I guess I will be meeting the board and a couple of persons from Sacramento. I hope you have included you written information as proof as it will be *demanded* by me. That is Discovery. I will then have a few days to add my written evidence in my support. Last time I saw the administrative hearing board it was over a medical insurance matter re: denial of benefit.

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