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The abandoned cart problem is easily solved by the merchant at a relatively low cost. I don't think anyone wants the police spending time arresting people that remove carts from the store's parking lot. No, of course not. However, a shopping cart theft law can be used as an excuse to hassle random homeless people. Or at least give them the bum's rush to the nearest municipal border This is the typical moronic 'let's fix the symptom' without fixing the root causes of homelessness that so many of our esteemed politicians have gone by for far too long. AFAIC this is an unsolvable problem, at least with current resources and societal attitudes. If a city can't solve the problem, the least they can do for their tax-paying citizens is not ENABLE the problem.

One way to do that is to not allow the gov't to tear apart the social safety net.

How does that help? "If" you give someone a crutch, are they likely to use the crutch, or are you better off not giving them the crutch, to "force" them to change their attitude?

The second force those asshole developers who want to build expensive condo after condo to make x number of units affordable housing.

Okay, you are a developer. You have in investment in whatever project you have under consideration. If you are a smart businessman, you want to achieve a certain return on your investment, because if you cannot do that by building the units, then you might just decide that it ain't worth the effort, and put your money into something like bonds. So, some municipality "forces" you to set aside a certain number of units that you are building, as "affordable housing". Can you still achieve your goal of getting a decent return on your investment, by selling these units at a cost less than you want to? Not very likely. So, what are you going to do? Most likely what you will do is jack up the price of the units that you can sell, so in the end, you still have achieved the rate of return on your investment that you want, for assuming the risk. So, who pays for those affordable housing? The government...NO. The people who pay are those people who buy homes from the development.

Also, having decent jobs, reasonable rents, and stopping the trend of outsourcing or hiring illegals/H1B workers would go a very long way in reducing the number of homeless on the streets.

How do you get a decent job? Can you get a decent job, if you have not completed high school? Can you get a decent job, if you completed high school. Can you even do much better if you get some college under your belt, or go to a trade school after graduating from high school? The answer is, the more education you get, the more money you make. Does the State give you the opportunity to get a high school education at little to no cost to you? The answer is yes they do. So, whose fault is it that there are some, who do not get at least a high school education? The State, or the individual? The government will even help you in getting a college degree, or to go to trade school. Whose fault is it, that someone does not take advantage of that financial support? As for outsourcing, exactly what kind of jobs are outsourced? Can you outsource the jobs of any service job, that requires you to deal directly with the customer? Can you outsource the job of an attorney, an accountant, a doctor, a nurse? You can outsource jobs when there are people who can do the same job, that lives in another country, that does not require you to be in the country. Who is affectred by that? Do a little research, and you will find out. Who exactly are the homeless? What percentage of the homeless have either an addiction or mental health problem? Can these people get a job easily, or hold the job, even if they did get a job? What about a woman with children who is homeless. Is her problem the result of a lack of education, or is it because the father of the dhilren are not doing their fair share to help the mother and his children, stay out of being homeless? What percentage of the homeless have not compelted high school?

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