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Bryan Career College

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I've been with RR here in the OKC area for about 2 years now, and I'm happy with the service(3.2mbit down, 320kbit up). I don't care if they block port 80. I pay money for hosting a website, and they do a much better job then my cable connection could, since i get about 1.2million hits a month. That would probably saturate my upstream and piss off the local cable guys.. =)

My speed downstream is almost 2 times faster then a T1, sometimes 3 times, depending on the state of the Internet. I'm also only paying $49.95, which is the same as DSL(which is only 1.5mbit down, 128kbit up).

Iam happy with Roadrunner. Had Roadrunner in Topeka, Kansas for over a year and I love it. I could of gotten SWB DSL at 1.5 mbps down/128 kbps up, but I decide that Roadrunner was a better choice for me than SWB DSL and the Roadrunner service was the same price, too. Roadrunner is now $29.95 per month plus $15 to lease their modem(one of these days, if I have enough money saved up, I might buy an Terayon Terajet cable modem so I can spend the $15 on something else that I need: dinner, floppy disks, etc.).

I get the consistent speeds of 3500-4900+ mbps down/500 to 750+ kbps up. Too bad I'm being capped at 3000 mbps down/256 kbps up as of Friday, August 31st, but I hope Cox leave my download speeds alone. I don't care much on uploading because I don't upload much except email and ftp files to my website. But I'm still happy as a bee with Roadrunner. I don't care if they block port 80, either, because I don't run websites on my internet connection. My website is at angelfire, geocities, etc., etc., so I just ftp'ed my files to them via wsftp 6.0.

My downstream speed is like 5-8 times faster than a T1. The upload, which I have stated, they can upped the upload if they like. But they're going to downgrade the upload...but I know bandwidth costs alot and I hope another broadband service gets to my area by next year or so. No offense, I thought they were going to raise it to 1000 kbps.

When I voiced my complain about the upload at 256 kbps, the people at dslreports said you should be happy with it, stop your whining, etc. I rather have my 500 to 750+ kbps upload than 200 to 230 or slower upload. Iam moving to where OOL is at, after I finish home high school and get my computer programming degree from Bryan Career College in a year or so. Websites load faster than lightning, sometimes it slows loadly but that's the natural of the internet and not the neighbors(which I don't have any neighbors with Roadrunner, unfortunately..)

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