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Is Kevin Garnett ruining the Minnesota timberwolves?

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The Twolves are clearly open to trades for kevin. they know he's getting OLD(31, 35 in bball years) and had a chance to trade him to boston for al jefferson(who is becoming an all-star), gerald green, and the number 5 pick in the draft. With that they could draft Yi Jianlian AND Corey Brewer. Can you imagine the lineup being Randy Foye, Ricky Davis, Corey Brewer, Al Jefferson, and Yi Jianlian. that would be the next championship team for the next decade since there soo young. However, Kevin Garnett opposed the trade because he did not like Boston and now the Twolves will have to settle for Spencer Hawes who is slow and an old-school center just because Garnett doesn't like to play downlow on the block. Many NBA teams are thinking of the future while the Garnett is making the the Twolves think of him first.

You know, I've always thought it was the T'Wolves ruining Garnett, but his rejection of a trade to Boston made absolutely no sense to me. Boston is one of the most talented teams in the NBA as far as youth goes and adding Garnett to the mix would immediately make them a major player in the East. Why would he not want to go to such a storied franchise? Does he feel threatened with so much talent around him? For this reason, you do have to throw some of the blame back on to him.

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