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Career question on law involving college?

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Career question on law involving college?

I'm entering my junior year and I just figured out what I want to be and that's a corporate lawyer at a big law firm in Boston so it's summer and I have no contact with my guidance conselor and I have to think about what college I want to get into. So can anybody explain these terms for me or give me a website that explains college terms 1. What's this whole thing on Majors and stuff like that? 2. What's an undergraduate and a graduate? 3. How good is Boston College, it ranks #34 on the top national colleges in the U.S in U.S news 4. What courses should I take throughout my four years if I want be a corporate lawyer? 5. What do law schools look at when they choose good students for their law school, especially the good law schools?

Well first off...congratulations on deciding to be a lawyer (i just made the same decision :o) Q1: Well a major is what you choose when you are determining the field of study you are going into (for instance law or in your case pre-law). Q2: A undergraduate will be your classification when you enter college. It is your first four years or until you graduate with a Bachelors degree. A graduate will be your classification after you get your Bachelors degree and enter law school :o) Q3: Boston College is ranked #28 in the US for law so its not a decision but you should also look into Boston University which is ranked #20. Q4: Because there is no required degree to have in order to get into law school, the choice is pretty much up to you. But if your school has a Pre-law program, that would be a great choice. If not, be sure when you pick your major, let your electives (extra courses you decide to take) involve some business, communication, and writing courses...all important factors in being a lawyer! Q5: Typically law schools will look at your undergrad GPA, LSAT (law school admission test) score, courses taken, writing sample, recommendations, and so on. Just check out the law schools you are considering website to see if they give ou any firther insight.

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