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Bosco Tech High School

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From today's Globe:


Chinatown Y's future in doubt

By Scott S. Greenberger, Globe Staff, 2/20/2003

For three decades, Chinatown made do with a YMCA housed in a makeshift, inflatable bubble. Now, only three years after the neighborhood finally got a gleaming new facility, the $9 million fitness center may fall victim to the planned expansion of the MBTA's Silver Line.

I don't see the need to take it.

The facility is actually the former gym and pool built by the Don Bosco Tech High School.

I attended the school during the construction of the NE Med center stop and the new tunnel which runs partially under this section of the former school. The station and tunnel were built several years BEFORE the Orange line was relocated to the Railroad ROW.

In fact there was at one time a pedestrian tunnell that opens at Oak near Tremont to one end of the station. I believe that may be closed now. In fact when the gym and station were built there was a planned direct entrance to the school for students to use but when the station opened they elected to not use it. Its there but either doored off or walled off now.

Just under Tremont at this location is the former portal for the trolley to access Boylston Station. Its been covered over since the 70s but was there most of the time I was in school there and still a major stop for busses coming in from So. Boston which served the downtown area.

There is more than enough room under there for a station without bothering the Y.

Indeed if they take the Y they will be demolishing construction that took years to generate funds and donations to build by the private catholic school, and which is less than 25 years old.

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