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Bellingham Technical College

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How did you get Bellingham Technical College to provide you a free hall ? (Others of us could maybe learn & do similar in other parts of the world ? Did you get a sponsor ? Reason I ask is I've been long hoping to do a BSD conference in Munich Germany sometime, but the local Universities want lots of money, & as soon as money raises it's head, it's a nightmare: got to collect it, secure it, pay it to halls & maybe speakers expenses, & levy sales tax on admission fees, not make a profit or loss, all a right pain

I don't have all the details, but you are free to join the list and discuss there.

I believe one person from the local users group is on the faculty of the college.

They started as a small event, but by third year had over 300 attend and the fourth and fifth years had over 1000 attend.

I know what you mean about finding a facility. I hope to do a BSD conference in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington, USA area). I have found one company that said they have a facility we could use. If anyone wants to help, we do have a mailing list to discuss. (Let me know off-list.)

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