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Bates Technical College

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hey, spinning the dial around here in seattle all i found were generic rock stations, plus NPR. in NYC we had a great little station WNYE that had an eclectic mixture of all kinds of stuff: latino, blues, whatever.

anyone found such a creature around here? or should i give up and wait for NYE to be net-piped?

For awhile I was listening to KGRG, broadcast out of Green River Community College down in Auburn. They broadcast on 89.9 FM, but were too weak a single to pick-up anywhere outside of Auburn. So they re-broadcast out of Bates Technical College in Tacoma on 91.7 FM. It was still sorta hard to make out in some parts of Seattle, but it was the best alternative radio I'd ever heard in this area.

The Bad News: Bates Technical College decided they wanted their frequency back, so they started broadcasting classic rock during the day on 91.7, switching back to KGRG in the evenings. This is slated to end/has ended, and now KGRG is completely unreachable in Seattle any time of the day. I'd heard that they were gonna boost their signal, but I don't know when they're gonna do this, or even if it'll be enough to pick it up here. Major bummer.

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