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Barry Sanders College Career

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Here is my issue with Terry Glenn and why I have made the suggestion that he be included in a trade deal that gets us Ricky WIlliams.

Terry Glenn so far has been a huge tease. Yes he may have played in 10 games last year and 4 the year before. Yes when he is on the field opposing defenses have to change their philosophy in defending the entire team. ALl of that is the tease. The cold hard fact is that in the last two years the kid has not been dependable. Last offseason I questioned his dedication to the team. It turns out that he gave up a $100,000 bonus for failing to participate in the offseason conditioning program. Say what you want about the program, the fact is he turned down $100,000 rather than follow a program developed by the team to make the team better. He held himself above the team and the move backfired on him.

I look at Ricky WIlliams as the best college football player (other than a QB) in the last 25 years. I never gush about college prospects. I don't care about the college game enough to know a lot about it. I saw Williams play 5 times on TV (thanks Mitch) and he is everything he is billed. Williams would also make opposing teams change the way they defense the Pats, he makes the OL instantly better and he opens up the passing game immediately. Drew with Williams would be far more lethal than the really old Elway is with Davis. SO I am willing to sacrafice a tease in Glenn for Williams. If you can get WIlliams without having to give up Glenn all the more power to you. If I had to to trade one of our young core (Bledsoe, Glenn, Law, Milloy) Glenn is the expendable one.

I agree with you on all points except this best back in 25 years nonsense! He is the best back coming out of college I have seen since Barry Sanders, who was the best back I had seen since Eric Dickerson and Herschel Walker! That does not mean I am against a trade to aquire him, I just dont feel he is the best back in 25 years. All this is opinion and obviously we all feel differently about different players that we see. Anyway, here's to hoping we can acquire Ricky Williams, lets keep our fingers crossed!!

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