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Tire balancing question

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My tire dealer just mounted and balanced 4 new Pirelli's for me. On the way home I felt some mild vibration above 65 , and noticed that three of the wheels had one small lead weight (which I expected to see), but the fourth had two very large weights next to each other (stamped 40 and 50, don't know if this means grams or what). I've never seen this much counterweighting before, and now I'm concernred that I may have a "marginal" tire. I don't know if the vibration is related to this, but I'm planning to go back tomorrow to have him rebalance all the tires. Should I also be asking for a replacement tire?

I agree. The instructor in my automotive trade school class told us 3.0 oz max or there was something else wrong. One trick is to remove the air and break the bead and move the tire to another spot on the rim (like 180 out) and try it again. Sometimes you hit the low spot on the rim and the low spot on the tire too. It has made a difference in some that I static balanced years ago. We did it just as an experiment to see how it worked out.

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