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auto repair at tech school

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My '89 Chevy needs a rebuild badly!!! My local mechanic did a compression check and said its real low...almost hard to start now. And it also has a broke or stuck ring in #1 cylinder. However, at a price tag of $1800 I'm looking into other alternatives. My question is, do the automotive tech schools take in private vehicles for such work? This truck is not my daily driver (I have a car for work) and the only purpose for the truck is to pull a boat. It would not be a problem for me to let the truck go for a semester or something. I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area but would be willing to drive 100 or so miles. Please let me know if you know of any schools in particular.

Can't speak for that area - or for the area I currently live in but back in Quincy, MA - where I grew up, the Vo-Tech auto department had a very long line of people waiting to help out the school by letting their cars be worked on.

Of course you had to know someone to get yourself moved up - and many of the cars were students, or student's parents - so the odds of a Joe Blow off the street walking in and saying "here's a truck for you to teach how to rebuild engines" being taken was next to nill. - but its worth a shot... Give the tech department a call first, and if you can't get through to them, then call the school department directly (calling the school department directly first may end up getting too many people involved).

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