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How do i become a mechanic?

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I am interested in becoming an auto mechanic. I am not sure which field I want to specialize in, but I'm sure this is the career that I want. My question is which is the best way to become a mechanic? 1- go to a trade school 6 - 12 months 2 - go to college, take up automotive engineering 4 years My goal is to own my own garage (better yet chain of garages). I want to do quality work and be able to conquer all mechanical problems that I encounter.

A trade school is certainly a good place to start. After trade school get a job at a good shop or dealer to gain invaluable experience. At the same time you can see how a shop business is operated and gain valuable business contacts. As you get more experience and exposure, you can go to school part time to learn business management. You probably don't need a bachelors degree in accounting for this. This is probably the area that most mechanics have trouble with when starting their own business. Then, when you have great experience, exposure, and business training, you can make the logical step of starting and running your own 'successful' shop(s). This plan may seem like it will take too long to achieve (5-10 years?). You will be surprised when you are at the point of starting your business, at how short it really was, and you will be very prepared to be successful. A positive point to the gaining the experience prior to starting a business is that if you do happen to fail at operating a business (not everyone is cut out for business), you will still have valuable mechanic skills to continue earning a good living. Modern vehicle repairs are certainly provide the opportunity for a 'smart' entrepreneur to do very well in todays economy.

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