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Will the Government pay for a Trade school?

I know they will fund for college courses, but will they fund for a trade school such as Lincoln Tech or ATI? I am a single parent, and i want to attend AutoMechanic School, I just can not afford the tuition with what I am making. so to summarize, Will they and if they will, where would i began i.e. what website would i visit, where would i go in town or who do i write to.

You can get grants and even a low cost student loans to help out with expenses. As long as you are in school the loans are in deferment, so you don't have to worry about them until you graduate/certification, or get employed. WWW.FAFSA.COM click on it and fill out an online application. They will ask what Technical School and a school code. You can list one or more schools. Do a search on Lincoln Tech or ATI they may have online applications as well. Keep copies for future reference. You are on your way.

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