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Arsenal Tech High School

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I rise before you today to commend the first place award winners of the American Set a Good Example Competition.

Each year this contest recognizes three schools who have set themselves apart as leaders in the fight against crime and violence in our nation's schools. In this, the 12th year of the contest sponsored by the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, Arsenal Technical High School of Indianapolis, Indiana, has been recognized as one of these very special schools.

While we have seen the war against drugs and violence fought on every battlefield from the streets to our homes to the workplace, there is no more important battlefield than our children's schools. In an attempt to emphasize this message, the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America (CBAA), began this unique contest in 1985 in order to encourage our nation's teenagers to become involved in the war on drugs and violence.

This year the CBAA deemed the efforts of the students at Arsenal Technical High School, in conjunction with the guidance of teacher Mary Allen, principal Gerald McLeish, and the funding of Dr. Chris Kasle, worthy of this prestigious award.

For their project, Arsenal Technical students selected the precept of "Do Not Murder" taken from "The Way to Happiness" by L. Ron Hubbard. First, the students discussed murders which have affected them, their families and communities. Next, students put themselves in the position of Mayor and formulated ways in which they would solve the problem of violence. Each student wrote essays about their plans.

Arsenal continued this project by planning a 'Set A Good Example Week.' When a teacher saw a student set a good example or perform an act of kindness, the student received a coupon redeemable for a small pack of candy at lunch.

Students received the pack of candy from a booth promoting a talent show dubbed 'Stop the Hate in 98,' an event promoting non-violence.

The student-planned talent show included an art and rap contest and generated 100% student involvement.

I extend my congratulations to the students and faculty at Arsenal Technical High School for this outstanding achievement and the excellent example they have set for our nation's youth. I urge each student to build upon the successes of this program and continue to set a good example every day.

Thank you for providing this information. I live in Indiana (there ya go, OSA 'bots - add that to any information you may have on me...) and I will be contacting Senator Lugar's office with information about the CBAA's attachment to the Co$ (can anyone post a link to info about the CBAA?). Lugar is a good man, and definitely not a Scientologist, so I don't think there is really anything to worry about.

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