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Anyone who has been through Air Force Tech School?

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My fiance is in the air force, he is in tech school right now and he is dead set on getting me there to live with him. He will be there for 17 weeks.

I'd like to know from people who have actually been through tech school, but of course I dont mind other opinions on this. Would it be worth it to move there with him? I am moving to idaho with him afterwards, and it will be an easier move as far as that goes, I know most of the time I wont be able to see him, but I know they are definetely allowed offf base during the weekend. His classes are from 430pm-1am. Will he have time during the day to visit with me? I know he has to study and everything too.. I dont want to be too much of a distraction.

We plan on getting married as soon as possible after I get there, he says the paycheck will be at least $1000 is that accurate? He's an E-1. Any other advice you may have will be apreciated too..I'm stuck and I am not sure what to do.

I went to the Technical Training Center at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. The enlisted men get a class A pass, unless they do something to loose it. School last half the day, When not in school you have the normal military chores, but then rhey are free to do what ever, which includes any study time required for training. About once per month they have a parade on Saturday. If he is going to school in the evening he would have to adjust his sleep schedule to make sure he doesn't fall asleep in class. Big penalty for falling asleep in class.

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